40 years share with Mums and Dads those great and wonderful moments

The art of sharing with you the loveliest moments of your lives

One of the most wonderful times in your life is about to arrive. A magic moment when you will finally be able to cuddle your newborn for first time, a little revolution able to make you move mountains just with one sole glance.

At Bimbidreams we are honored to have had the chance to share with Mums and Dads those great and wonderful moments for over 40 years.

A different way of seeing the world

At Bimbidreams we have been taking care of babies for over 40 years. Our textile baby products combine the best designs and the best quality materials in articles such as nordic covers, footmuffs, quilt covers, cushions and many others among a wide range of products.

Nowadays, Bimbidreams has become one of the most important and benchmark companies in the textile baby products industry. Finding new raw materials and focusing on the study and development of new designs, Bimbidreams is right now at the cutting edge of the textile baby products industry in the world

A privileged place to create quality: the comarca of L’ Alcoià

It has been over 40 years since we started looking after babies from a unique location. Bimbidreams was born in a privileged place to produce top quality: the Region of L’Alcoià. This area inland Alicante, characterized by its long industrial tradition, pioneered the textile manufacturing in Spain. The origins of this industry in the area formed by the cities of Alcoy and Cocentaina date back to 1278. Since then, the region became one of the three main industrial and economic driving forces in Spain for over 500 years.

This tradition has always been twinned with technological innovation and a deep knowledge of the textile manufacturing. Implementing both, Bimbidreams has formed part of the entrepreneurial history of this region during the last 40 years.