anti-bacterial thermo-intelligent fitted sheet

anti-bacterial thermo-intelligent fitted sheet – safe control®.

Colour-changing thermo-intelligent fitted sheet for babies and children.
Neutralises viruses and bacteria in just 10 minutes.

The Safe Control® thermo-intelligent fitted sheet is made with an innovative thermochromatic printing technique that changes colour when the baby or child shows the first signs of fever. It is also made with an antimicrobial and antiviral treatment based on SILVER IONS (BeSo®GUARDED).

At BimbiDreams we know how important it is to take care of the ones you love the most. Therefore, thinking of your peace of mind and your safety, we have developed an innovative thermochromatic printing technique that will help you control the temperature, monitoring both fever and possible heat stroke. Thanks to SILVER IONS (BeSo®GUARDED), we prevent bacteria from growing, reproducing or replicating, causing them to die within 24 hours. In fact, in the first 10 minutes, approximately 80% of them are extinguished, leaving the surface practically clean of harmful bacteria.

All BimbiDreams products have the OEKO TEX seal, issued by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology (OEKO TEX®). It is a certificate that guarantees that the textiles we produce have skin-friendly properties, regardless of where they are produced and without any loss of functionality.

nuevo producto patentado

new patented product

efecto antiviral

rapid antiviral effect

cambia de color

changes colour

sabana bajera termointeligente hecha en espana

made in Spain

sabana bajera termointeligente 100 algodon

100% cotton

sabana bajera termointeligente textiles de confianza

Textiles of confidence


Acting in time can make all the difference. The BimbiDreams thermo-smart fitted sheet will be a great help: thanks to the thermochromic inks, the printed design will change from GREY to PINK if it detects a temperature rise above 37.5°C, warning you immediately so that you can take action.

Given the high risk of overheating, especially for infants, it is crucial to avoid small temperature rises that they are not yet able to manage on their own.

The fabric is made of silver ions, which attract and protect us from bacteria and viruses (BeSo®GUARDED).

Fever or overheating?

In general, a child’s body temperature is between 36.5 °C and 37.5 °C. Fever in children is a body temperature above this range.

Fevers are common in young children. Whether a fever occurs in children or in infants, it is usually caused by viral infections and disappears without treatment. Occasionally, however, fever in children may be a sign of a more serious infection, caused by bacteria that require specific and intensive treatment.  However, a rise in temperature in the baby is not always linked to fever; it is often due to overheating.

In the first months of life, the thermoregulatory system is not yet formed and tends to overheat very easily, which can lead to heat stroke.

Thanks to silver ions (BeSo®GUARDED), bacteria are kept away from the baby’s environment because they provide antibacterial protection to the fabric, reducing the baby’s exposure as much as possible.

The ideal temperature for baby and child

Ideally, for sleeping and staying indoors, light clothing and an environment between 18 and 22°C is best.

The most common risk of overdressing a baby or young child is to cause fever. In this respect, the younger the child, the more vulnerable he or she is. Newborns cannot regulate their temperature and if they are overdressed or kept in very hot environments, they may develop a fever. In addition, especially in the case of premature babies, they will consume extra energy to try to balance their temperature, which will make it difficult for them to gain weight.


Exposing our little ones to bacteria could cause them discomfort or lead to medical problems. That’s why we at BimbiDreams have chosen to add extra protection against bacteria, thanks to our silver ion treatment, which is included in the BimbiDreams thermo-smart® range.

The material has been proven to neutralise coronavirus and bacteria in just ten minutes.

The fabric is composed of silver ions, which attract and retain bacteria and virus, and a liposome, which provides the antiviral and antibacterial effect necessary to break down the molecular structure of the virus.

This treatment has excellent durability with washing (BeSo®GUARDED).

Safe Control® – BeSo®GUARDED

Highly effective against 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria thanks to the BeSo®GUARDED chemical treatment, our thermo-smart product range has antibacterial and antiviral defences to prevent bacteria from spreading or multiplying on the surface of the fabric.


Products in the safe control range

This new technique of thermochromatic printing with antibacterial treatment is available both in our THERMOINTELIGENT BABY COVER WITH ANTIBACTERIAL/VIRUS PROTECTION and in our PU WATERPROOF PROTECTOR + THERMOINTELIGENT BABY COVER WITH ANTIBACTERIAL/VIRUS PROTECTION in 6 sizes, so both babies and children can make use of it.
car (40 x 80), minicot (50 x 80), cot (60 x 120), maxicot (70/80×140), bed (90 x 200) and bed (105 x 200).

sabana bajera inteligente coche

car 40×80

sabana bajera termointeligente minicuna

minicot 50×80

sabana bajera termointeligente cuna

cot 60×120

sabana bajera termointeligente maxicuna

maxicot 70/80×140

sabana bajera termointeligente cama

bed 90×200 

bed 105×200