Cradle Nest

Today we bring you one of the most comfortable, safe and versatile alternatives on the market for our babies to rest.

It is the nest cribs, one of the most innovative and novel articles of recent years and, as its name suggests, is shaped like a nest and adapts perfectly to the baby, which instinctively reminds them of the moment they were inside their mother, making them feel safer and more secure.

The base and the roller are very soft, which provides protection and comfort to the baby and allows us to place the nest in any safe place in the house. You can also combine it with the rest of the accessories, as it will match the rest of the collection.

Cradle nest are also characterized by their versatility as we can use them in many ways and in various situations. For example:

As a travel cot

Who doesn’t like to travel? Many parents worry that it will be difficult to go with a baby outside the home. But this type of cot will make our job much easier since, apart from the comfort for the baby, it does not need to be assembled and thanks to a handle that is incorporated, it is very practical to transport.

Practicing the bedding

Bedding is a practice in which babies sleep with their parents. If you want to share the bed with your child, you can put the crib in the bed centre, which will keep him/her isolated so that he/she does not suffer any incident.


If you prefer that the baby sleeps in his crib, or even in the Montessori bed, a good option is to reduce the space with the nest. You have to take into account that the baby has been 40 weeks of gestation in a very reduced space, so for the first weeks of life it will provide a sense of shelter.


It is advisable to always place it on a flat surface, do not lift the nest with the baby inside and it is convenient to stop using it when the baby can get up by himself.