Made in Spain

BimbiDreams made in Spain

It is more than 40 years of know-how. A textile tradition that passes from generation to generation. BimbiDreams, was born in a privileged enclave for the creation of design and quality: Comarca de L’Alcoià and El Comtat. This area in the interior of Alicante is marked by an important industrial tradition, a pioneer in the manufacture of textile products. The origins of this industrial sector in the area of Alcoi and Cocentaina date back to 1278. Alcoi has been a pioneer in the industrialization process in Spain. Around 1750, more than half of Alcoi’s active population worked in textile manufacturing, becoming in its day one of the main economic engines of the area and managing to stay that way for more than 500 years.

BimbiDreams loving your baby since 1978

Fabric factory (S.XIX) Alcoi

To achieve the safety and comfort of our small customers.

Quality and design.

We are standard-bearers for the “Spain Brand” for many reasons, with quality and design being the main ones that define us.

In our effort to achieve the highest quality standards for each of the BimbiDreams products, we follow a strict production process, based on the transmission of our knowledge from generation to generation. This whole process is what makes the difference between a product “Made in Spain” and the rest.

All of our products, made in Spain, are highly regarded in both national and international markets, and are widely appreciated by our customers for their perfect balance between three variables: quality, design and price. It is this combination that makes Spanish products the most demanded both nationally and internationally.

We are committed to quality for many reasons, the most important of which is to ensure the safety and comfort of our small customers, while taking care of them and their environment


We control all phases of the design and manufacturing process.

Design and quality.

All our collections are made and designed in Spain.

This allows us to control all phases of the design and manufacturing process, taking maximum care of quality in every detail, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of our designs.

Our own design department is continuously trained in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends, bringing to our collections the unmistakable Bimbidreams style.

Well done... and in Spain