Montessori bed

Decorating our baby’s room is one of the most important and exciting moments for us. We start looking for ideas, we look at examples of rooms on the internet and we imagine our little one in a comfortable, comfortable and beautiful room.

But today we have so many alternatives in the market that this work can sometimes be confusing, we may have doubts and especially wonder which option is best for our baby.

One of the things we are most concerned about is where our little one will rest. Minicuna? Cradle? Carrycot? Today we are analysing one of the most fashionable options: the Montessori bed.

Everyone knows that the Montessori method is one of the most important trends in education today. But what benefits can this bed have for our little one? We’ll explain it to you right now:

  1. -Greater independence and autonomy of the baby, because, due to the low height and the absence of bars, makes them move around the room freely and discover the environment for themselves.
  2. -Being located at ground level they are very safe. There is very little chance that the baby will fall and get hurt. If we want to reinforce that security we can place a mattress or soft carpet.
  3. -It helps us to save, since they can be used from the first stage of our baby and can last several years.
  4. -One of the benefits of sleeping in a bed at floor level is that they help maintain a good posture of the spine and its circulation.


Would you like to put one in your child’s room?