BimbiDreams in numbers

+ 40 years offering the best in textiles for the baby

2 factories for production

EU marking 100% products

A team of 25 professionals paying the utmost attention to each detail

4,000 sq meters in Cocentaina (Region of Alcoia – Comtat)

A network of +1,000 customers in several international markets

Our main challenge

To help all the babies to grow up safe, happy and healthy taking care of them and their environment

Taking care of a baby does not only mean cuddling her, but it also imply creating the ideal conditions to allow her grow up healthy and happy in a better world.

Our goal

To keep on as a benchmark brand for textile baby productos manufacturing.

To provide with the best solutions in textiles to all the families who trust us.

To let our customers know the value of organic through our products.

Ultimately, to look after who you love most