Terms and conditions of online shops


The minimum order is 100€. Indispensable condition for the goods to leave the warehouse. We do not ship to your customers.


The company will be in charge of the postage as long as the order exceeds 250€. For orders below this amount, will be increased in invoice by € 8.00 for shipping costs in national territory. Below 50€, we can prepare it but we do not ship in which case you should send it to your agency and we charge 3€ for order preparation.


The form of payment is in advance.


Service between 15 and 20 days as long as the goods are available and assuming that the quantity to be sent exceeds the minimum order.


It must be communicated immediately to the factory, having 15 days from the date of receipt of the same. For dates superior to the same one, the company does not take charge. Essential for any return that is accompanied by a letter specifying the reason for your return detailing the genre being returned (reference, description, quantity, delivery note number).


We have an updated physical catalogue, visible to our clients through our web page, in which you can consult the stock, make orders, consult pending orders, consult delivery notes, consult invoices, that is to say, make a total follow-up of your order.

It is an indispensable condition to have a signed and sealed letter, by which the client is informed that they must mark our products according to PVP, that is, 80% for mini cradles and 100% for the rest (for both seasonal and outlet products), and whose failure could lead to disallow you to sell our products on your website. In this way, we want to avoid unpleasant competition through online sales.

to sign you accepts:

-Mark our products according to PVP rates.

-Mark our outlet products multiplied by two.

-We will not be able to establish gifts for the purchase of any of our products.


Download and acceptance of terms

Download and fill out the letter, once signed send it to the mail: quique@coimasa.com with the subject Sale Online

Download Letter