Reusable face mask manufacturers group

More and more people are becoming aware of how the use of single-use face masks is harming the planet. Every day we can see in the news the amount of waste that this type of material generates and that ends up in our streets, beaches, forests or rivers.

In order to find a solution to a problem that is getting worse every day (in Spain, half of the population uses a disposable mask every day, which means more than 600 million masks per month in circulation), a group of businessmen from the textile sector in the Valencian Community have joined together to form the GROUP OF MANUFACTURERS OF REUSABLE MASKS (GFMR). This group aims to raise awareness and promote the benefits, not only for the individual, but also for the planet, of the importance of using UNE 0065 certified reusable face masks.

Through the #compromisoconelfuturo project, the GFMR wants to raise awareness of the need to care for our environment through responsible consumption of this type of material, which is essential to guarantee our safety and that of others, in the face of COVID-19. To this end, it is launching “Safe for you, sustainable for the planet”. An initiative that aims to offer a safe and sustainable solution to the problem generated by disposable masks, as the group offers companies, organisations, institutions and individuals the possibility of acquiring this type of hygienic, reusable and UNE 0065-certified masks.