Wicker carrycot

Nowadays we can choose between an endless number of alternatives so that our newborn rests, among them mini cradles, colecho cradles, Montessori beds and the wicker or bassinet carrycot, which is the one we are going to focus on today.

Putting our baby to bed in a carrycot is a tradition that is still practiced today, as surely our parents and grandparents slept in one. The carrycot has many advantages:

-It is very practical, since you can comfortably take your little one from one place to another.

-It is breathable, due to its braided design, which allows air to circulate.

-Easy to clean.

-Today we can find beautiful designs for the clothes of our carrycot.

Another point to emphasize, is that all our baskets are made with materials of the highest quality and are hand-woven by expert craftsmen, maintaining an ancient tradition that has passed from generation to generation. Your baby’s safety is in the best hands, as all our carrycots are subjected to exhaustive safety tests.

In addition, you can continue to use the stand later as a toy structure.

If you are thinking about the best option for your baby, give the wicker carrycot a chance.